Educating Our Elite Athletes

ACA is excited to launch Next Stage Academy, our very own private online school. This initiative is set to revolutionize the online learning experience, providing our players with enhanced support, structure, and an in-person feel, thanks to the backing of Edmentum/Apex. Atlantic Coast Academy hockey will stay the same, Nest Stage Academy is the school name.

ACA, powered by Next Stage Academy and backed by Edmentum/Apex, is designed to offer a unique and comprehensive educational experience. Our partnership with these esteemed institutions ensures a robust foundation for our online school, combining cutting-edge curriculum resources with the expertise of in-person teachers.

Boasting more than six decades of expertise, Edmentum stands as a distinguished online curriculum renowned for its research-backed foundation and alignment with national and state standards. Tailored with a student-centric approach, this curriculum is crafted to accommodate individual learning needs. It incorporates pre-tests, enabling students to swiftly progress beyond mastered content and concentrate on areas where they require further understanding or encounter challenges.


Key Features of Next Stage Academy:

  • In-Person Teachers: Our students will benefit from the guidance and expertise of dedicated in-person teachers who will provide personalized support and foster a dynamic learning environment.
  • Enhanced Support: Next Stage Academy / Edmentum is committed to offering comprehensive support services to address the diverse needs of our students. From academic assistance to counseling, we aim to create a supportive ecosystem for every learner.
  • Structured Learning: We understand the importance of structure in education. Next Stage Academy will provide a well-organized and structured curriculum that ensures a smooth learning journey for each student.
  • In-Person Feel: Despite being an online platform, Next Stage Academy aims to create an immersive and interactive experience that closely resembles the in-person classroom setting.

Academics for our American players, will be included for in tuition for the 2024-25 season.

We focus just as much time into the development of our athletes off the ice as we do on it. We offer advanced strength and conditioning programs, an elite sports performance facility, mental training sessions, nutrition, stretching, & HUDL video sessions to give an edge to our aspiring student- athletes.


For general inquiries, email [email protected]. If you’re interested in being recruited, please fill out the form below!

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